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Clearpath Alerts LLC is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based security technology company which provides domestic and international entities with risk, security and dynamic communication technology solutions. As a company, we believe that our extensive efforts on the preventive and preparedness aspects of the emergency planning cycle combined with dynamic mobile communication tools, crowdsourcing intelligence, and data and analytics better ready our clients for the majority of emergencies or crises they will face in any environment. Our team of entrepreneurs, security experts, technologists and marketers have proven expertise in the international risk management, investigations, security and technology industries. Our combined experience enabled the development of the Clearpath Alerts TOTALITY™ system which we believe is the most integrated and comprehensive technology of its kind available today.

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Clearpath Alerts is a mission-focused company. We are driven to provide intelligent solutions that make a difference, keep people safer and make the world a better place while building a great company.

 We believe in the power of our mission, our clients and our team.

 We believe our mission to keep people safer is a timely and critical one.

 We believe in improving every day. As the world evolves, so does our technology, practices, communication and data.

 We value and respect diversity, your privacy, safety and civil liberties.

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Our leadership team has more than 100 years of combined experience keeping schools, embassies, events, businesses and dignitaries safer around the world. Seeing the need to enhance safety and situational awareness at a greater scale, they poured more than a century of knowledge, experience and best practices into the development of TOTALITY.

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Leadership Team

Mike Johnson
Co-Founder, CEO

Business leader and former U.S. government Sr. manager, Mike has extensive skills working with soft targets such as schools and businesses in high threat settings.

Dawn Rahicki
VP, Marketing

Dawn has over 25 years experience providing marketing leadership and strategy to startups, media organizations, tech companies and corporations.

Jason Kates
Co-Founder, President

As a successful entrepreneur, Jason has been the CEO and Founder of several successful startup tech companies including Southern Stars Networks and rVue Holdings.

Dennis Freemyer
VP, Technology Development

Dennis has over 15 years of media technology experience working with startups as well as corporations.