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Sign up now for your free Emergency Preparedness Management Platform. Clearpath Alerts has proudly partnered with ECIS to provide your school with access to the TOTALITY™ online emergency preparedness management (EPM) platform.

Prepare and manage every facet of your emergency plan in one comprehensive portal, including:

  • Easy-to-view Account Summary organized by section and level of completion
  • Best in class protocols provided which can be edited to your unique needs
  • School calendar
  • Location information
  • Interactive Threat Assessment to assess threats, hazards and vulnerabilities
  • Interactive Response Planning to identify your crisis management team, rally points and local resources
  • Delegation of Authority
  • Log and manage events, maintain history and schedule training and drills
  • Attach important documents and photos
  • Multiple user access levels

TOTALITY™ EPM - Free annual subscription with your paid ECIS membership

To get the most out of TOTALITY™, add the integrated mobile app for increased situational awareness, crowdsourced intelligence and communication at your fingertips.

TOTALITY™’s mobile command center is the safety decision support, response, and management tool which allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening on your campus, make decisions with powerful real-time information and communicate quickly and easily. Make every second count when you’re on the go and tensions are high with these added features:

  • iOS and Android
  • Geo-located, crowdsourced intelligence
  • “See Something, Say Something” video and photo reporting
  • BOLO (Be On The Look Out) Reporting
  • Geo-located rally points
  • Geo-located Duress Alerts
  • Custom messaging
  • Protocols and Protocol Drill Alerts
  • Multiple user access levels
  • History of use

The TOTALITY™ EPM and Mobile Command Center are fully integrated and work together for a seamless safety management experience.

TOTALITY™ Mobile - Preferred Pricing with your paid ECIS membership

TOTALITY™ Enterprise - for Multiple Campuses

Response Protocols become instant alerts in your faculty members’ hands.

Enterprise Dashboards provide oversight over multiple campuses instantly.

School Districts, Management Companies, Groups, and Ministries with responsibility for multiple campuses prefer to upgrade to a TOTALITY™ Enterprise account so that they gain a bird’s eye view and can oversee all their sites from a single portal. TOTALITY™ Enterprise provides the full functionality of TOTALITY™ EPM and TOTALITY™ Mobile Command Center for each of your locations as well as:

  • View the status and activities of multiple sites.
  • Facilitate compliance with company-wide safety policies
  • Enterprise Mobile app provides real time situational awareness across all your sites.
  • Access Training Logs, Drill and Incident Reports.

TOTALITY™ Enterprise - Preferred Pricing with your paid ECIS membership